10 Ordinary Things Women Were Banned From Doing 100 Years Ago


Throughout history, women always had to fight for basic rights. Not more than 100 years ago, women weren’t allowed to enter several places, were prohibited from doing certain things on their own, and suffered a lot of sex discrimination. Activist movements had to be created for women to fight back and get where they are nowadays.

Here are 10 things women couldn’t do 100 years ago we want to share with you.

1. Shopping on their own

thingsWomen were excepted to be accompanied by a man every time they left the house, especially when they went shopping. Men were there to protect them and women were even banned from entering some places on their own.

2. Wearing pants


In the past, women would only wear skirts. It was not socially unacceptable for women to wear pants and in some countries, it was even considered illegal. Pants were seen as a sign of masculinity and rebellion.

3. Voting


4. Opening a bank account and having a credit card


Before, women couldn’t open an account in their own name. Women couldn’t apply for loans or have a credit card. If they were single, they would need their father to sign papers for them.


5. Joining the military


6. Serving on a jury


7. Having easy access to contraceptive pills


8. Having their own passport if they were married


Once a woman got married, she would have to get a joint passport with her husband. It was not acceptable for married women to travel outside the country without their husbands.

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9. Keeping their job while pregnant

thingsWomen have suffered a lot of sex discrimination in the past. One example is the fact that they could be denied a job or even fired if they were pregnant. In the United States, it wasn’t until 1978 that a law was passed to make this stop.

10. Becoming lawyers

thingsWomen were allowed to go to law school but they would be denied the right to practice their job as a lawyer and plead a client’s case.

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