Revealed: Why US Media Lied About Donald Trump

People have been surprisingly shocked after Donald Trump was elected the president of the United States. Not me though. For a long time, I didn’t understand why so many people were against Trump. I was even afraid of telling people that I liked Trump. But then I realized what had created the general hate that turned out to be not so widespread after all. It was the biased media.

The elite-controlled media has been doing their best to use social proof against Trump. Everywhere you looked, you would think all Americans hated Trump and felt he was a bigot. Every major news station painted him as a fanatical, Hitler-esque, woman-hating billionaire, in the hopes that he will lose the upcoming election. Despite this, Trump won.

To be fair, majority of people here in Kenya had never heard of Donald Trump before he declared his candidacy. Of course he was a big reality TV star back home and one of the world’s richest men but most Kenyans had little knowledge of who he was or what he did. So when the media painted him as evil the moment he popped up, people’s minds stuck to that narrative. The majority never took time to discover and study the person. That’s why you are seeing so many Facebook posts on social media expressing disappointment.

Why did Trump win? It’s because of a simple factor. In this world, there are two kinds of people – those that get brainwashed by the media and those that think for themselves. Americans who have a mind of their own, grasped Trump’s message and what he was trying to achieve. The rest just followed what they were being told.

Americans that think for themselves understood that it didn’t make sense for the media to judge one person so harshly yet his opponent was a far worse human being who had made plenty of poor decisions while in top positions, including mishandling classified information and letting a US ambassador get killed by rebels in Libya while she was Secretary of State. Americans with a mind of their own understood that when people are trying so hard to put someone down, there is something good about him.

All major US news outlets tried to kill Trump’s chances of winning the presidency by writing negative articles every day and constantly doing comical jokes about him but in the end it was all free publicity. And like they say, there is no negative publicity. All publicity is good publicity.

The people that get brainwashed by the media were coerced into believing that Trump was the next Hitler. This is because he was different form everything else the establishment had ever seen before. He tore the rule book. He was a man with a candid approach to risque topics. He said things that most people were thinking but were afraid to say. He said things that were nothing but the truth and as expected, the truth always hurts.

In a world of political correctness, Trump was a breath of fresh air who did not speak with fluff. He did not sprinkle truth onto a giant lie, he was just blunt. The media, of course, tried to turn this into a weakness: “Oh, didn’t you hear that Donald Trump said this?!” or “Oh didn’t you hear that Donald Trump said this about that group of people?!”

All along, the media blocked the world from seeing the inspiration that was Donald Trump. The hard, cold fact is that if you want to be successful in this life and you happen to be looking for a role model, there is no one better to emulate than Trump. He has been through it all. He has bounced back from being bankrupt several times to a being a multi-billionaire thus showing how much you need resilience in business. He is super healthy, as confirmed by his physician,  despite being an old man. This means he has led a great and careful lifestyle. He has a beautiful family, something we all dream of. And most importantly, he has fought of all competition and naysayers on his own to be the 45th President of the United States. Trump has proved so many people wrong meaning he is the best person to emulate when you have people screaming “You can’t do it!!” to your ears.

There is plenty to learn from Trump but there isn’t plenty to learn from someone like Obama.  Actually, unless you want to become a politician, you have nothing to learn from Obama.

When radical terrorists were staging terrorist attacks on US soil and Trump said he would put a temporary ban on Muslims entering the United States, the media was outraged. And so was everyone who treats a newspaper like the bible.

It’s like if Uhuru says we wont allow any more people from Somalia into Kenya for the time being because Al Shabaab are orchestrating attacks in the country and we can’t differentiate them from regular Somalis. Is that a bad thing? No, it’s a great thing. But the media made it seem like Trump was Islamophobic.

Did he ever say offensive things towards black people? Not really. Yet the media made you believe that Trump hated black people. Did he say offensive things towards Hispanics? Depends on how you look at it and I’ll get to that later. What about his comments towards women? Well, we all have sins.

Trump appointed his daughter Ivanka to be the Executive Vice President of Development & Acquisitions of his organization. Is that a man who doesn’t believe in women? Is that a man who doesn’t respect women? He has two adult sons and he could have appointed either of them but he didn’t. He chose his daughter. His campaign manager was Kellyanne Conway – a woman. That’s right. Trump entrusted a woman with the responsibility of to getting him to the White House, but the media made you believe he didn’t like women. All this because of a few incendiary remarks he made in the past.

I first discovered Donald Trump when I had just finished high school. My brother, a lawyer told me how there was this great American billionaire who had an exciting reality TV show called ‘Celebrity Apprentice.’ This was a much bigger, re-branded version of Trump’s earlier show which was simply known as ‘The Apprentice’.

My brother brought me a DVD of the first season so that I could check it out.

“Itakufunuza tips za business sana”, he said.

The moment I watched the first episode, I was hooked and I ended up watching all seasons to date. Celebrity Apprentice puts together a group of celebrities competing to win money for a charitable organization of their choice. The celebrities are divided into two teams and each are given money-raising task. In the end of each episode, Trump analyzes both teams and fires the weakest member of of the team that brought in less money.

Media personality Piers Morgan ended up winning that first season of Celebrity Apprentice. Before that. Piers was semi-famous but after the victory, he took over from Larry King at CNN then went on to have editorial gigs at Daily Mail and ITV. Piers has since then been a good friend of Trump and even campaigned for him heavily.

Trump has been labelled  a racist by the media but one of the most notable winners of his ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ show was black talk show host Arsenio Hall. If you do a close study, you will notice that black people don’t generally win any reality TV contests or game shows.  Not because they aren’t good enough but because they are just rigged out. Trump picked Hall, as the winner of the 6th season. Trump has also said that his most favorite contestant in the show was Omarosa, a fierce black woman who would stand up to fellow contestants.

Does this reflect a racist person?

There is actually no proof that Trump is racist. This lie was propagated by the media after his comments about Mexicans who happen to be of the Hispanic race. But did he say anything bad really? He was just concerned about the high number of illegal immigrants who cross over from Mexico and go over to America to become criminals. He clearly said “They are bringing over the bad ones. The murderers, the rapists.” Then he promised to build a wall. And the media was up in arms for the rest of the campaign. It didn’t work.

So yes, Trump won because people who think for themselves saw through the media’s bullshit. Over the years, the media has trained people not to think for themselves. The media does this so that people get to rely on it for information. If you discover things by yourself instead of being told those things, the media won’t have clients or sales. And it doesn’t want that.

The media had to keep portraying Trump in bad light because that’s what kept selling newspapers and bringing in online views/hits. In this narrative , there had to be a good guy and bad guy. The media placed Trump as the villain and Hillary as the savior, despite the fact that she has far worse demons. There were even fake articles claiming how Trump had made bad statements about Africa.

In the truth, Hillary was like the friend who pretends to like you but she really hates you and only wants to benefit from you.  Trump was the friend who kept reminding you how lost you are and how you needed to change your ways. Americans were wise enough to see that.

I hope that in Africa, we will follow this example and make our continent even better.