The Interfaith Council has revised guidelines for in-person worship and the number of people allowed to attend weddings and funerals.

In a statement, council vice chairperson Connie Kivuti said that in the new guidelines, the number of people allowed in places of worship will be determined by social distancing (1.5 meters) and the size of space available.

The time limit also is 90 minutes down from two hours, and the age limit is over six years and under 65 years.

In the previous guidelines, in-person worship was open to all.

Religious leaders have been asked to ensure that protocols of wearing face masks at all times, hand washing before and after worship, and keeping social distance are adhered to.

Also, the council has recommended the use of thermal guns, regular disinfection of places of worship, and that no other meetings or services within the places except worship services.

All the current requirements from the guidelines of hand washing or sanitization stations in the compound, seating at 1.5m social distancing, and where possible temperature checks, will be in force in funerals.

The number of people attending a funeral will be 100, and only 15 allowed at the graveside.

The duration of burial must not exceed one hour, and food has been prohibited in funerals.

At weddings, the number of people should be strictly 50, and food is only allowed to be served to the nucleus family.

Previously, 200 guests were allowed.

The council said that the guidelines have been revised following the high number of new cases, the number of daily deaths, and other indicators like the positivity rate.

Politicians have been named by the council as the weakest link to curbing the spread of the virus.

“For us in faith communities, we are alarmed at conduct during funeral gatherings, some of which morph to political meetings. The laxity in political gatherings is especially of concern as these meetings pose a great danger of being super spreader events.”