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Magix Enga put under suicidal watch after falling into depression- He is currently living with his parents.

Music Producer Njenga Chege alias Magix Enga has been thrown into a state of depression.

According to sources, the once-celebrated producer is facing hard times after going broke months after leaving the Illuminati group and seeking Christ’s intervention.

In an earlier video shared online, the disheveled producer was seen seated on a trunk, barefoot, scantily dressed, and seemingly in deep thought.

Unconfirmed reports have also revealed that he has repeatedly threatened to end his life after facing so many tribulations.

The renowned producer cum musician confessed to joining Illuminati before quitting for spiritual salvation.

“I decided to get saved after some issues started coming up in my life,” Magix Enga told YouTuber Ali.

He stressed that people should never dismiss Illuminati because it was real, and he bought his first car out of joining the cult.
Asked why he decided to join Illuminati, he said he was broke before meeting the woman who promised to better his life.

The woman reportedly called an America-based producer who assured him that things would work out well for him in two months.

The musician further claimed that he used to give blood sacrifices, which would make him richer.

In October 2022, the music producer said that he had decided to turn over a new leaf by shaving his head and quitting drugs.



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