Steven Omukoko has opened up on life under isolation from the Mbagathi Coronavirus treatment center.

Omkoko left Vaud, Switzerland on Sunday, March 15, and landed in the country the following day before proceeding to Mumias.

He left JKIA on Tuesday, March 17, after his flight to Kisumu encountered some technical issues the previous day.

From Kisumu, Omukoko proceeded to his home in Sabatia using Bungoma Line Sacco before boarding a Boda Boda home.

A medical personnel holding a Covid-19 virus test kit.
A medical personnel holding a Covid-19 virus test kit.

After feeling unwell he was rushed to Lifetime Hospital in Bungoma on a Boda Boda by his father.

In an exclusive interview on March 26, Omukoko revealed the symptoms that prompted him to seek medical help, “I was feeling very weak, tired and exhausted and it was on and off so I was not sure what it was, so I saw it wise to go to the hospital.

“I had a cough several days ago even when I was still in Switzerland but when I got better I was not suspicious anymore.

“From then henceforth up to now, I have not suffered anything like a cough. I have only gotten some fever because when I got to the hospital, my fever was around 36.5 degrees but after some few hours, it was at 39 degrees”

The international baccalaureate from Aiglon College opened up on life in quarantine, “The virus is bearable, the only thing is that this being an isolation center, there is a sense of boredom but otherwise everything is okay.”

Omukoko urged Kenyans to remain calm amid the pandemic, “I think because of the panic, many people who actually have the signs are afraid of actually going to a hospital because they think that once they have the virus, they may not be in a good position and probably their families may suffer a lot of stigmatization.”

After being tested positive for the virus on Tuesday, March 24, Omukuko shared on how he received the news, “I took it positively and I knew it’s not as serious as many people thought it was and I have just come to confirm that.”

He also went on to add that his family is now in quarantine, “The county government went home and asked them to quarantine and they are supposed to take their samples. I don’t know how soon that is.”

On how the patients are being treated at Mbagathi, Omukoko had this to say, “We are being treated well, everything is okay even the food, save from today when breakfast was served a little bit late.”

Below is a video of Steve Omukoko doing rounds on social media: