The Kenya Union of Clinical Workers is up in arms after one of their colleagues was revealed to have contracted coronavirus in the line of duty.

Speaking during a Press conference, Secretary-General George Gibore expressed the union’s dismay over the handling of health workers’ preparedness in response to the pandemic.

“Today (Tuesday), the union has learned that one of our colleagues who has contracted the novel coronavirus in the line of duty. She has been performing her duty in the outpatient section and in the clinic in her area of duty until she contracted the virus,” he said.

The SG added: “You can all understand the anguish she is going through knowing she may have infected her family members and other patients that she served.”

According to KUCO, the issue clinical workers is not being treated with the urgency and weight it deserves.

The clinical workers are demanding that the Health Ministry ensure that the protection of health workers is prioritized.

They noted that a proposal was presented to the ministry on March 23, 2020, urging the protection of health workers through intensive training.


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