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Teenage Rebellion Causes And Effects

Parenting the defiant child is certainly stressful. Recently, a teenage child who is gay came out of control. He started showing his true personality to his parents. He...

3 Side Effects of Overprotective Parenting

We all want to raise healthy, happy and confident kids. But while we want to protect our children, the side effects of overprotective parenting...

How to Teach Children About Emotions & Feelings

Preschoolers need guidance to help them interpret their own feelings and emotions and to interact appropriately with others. When you help children learn how...

Positive Parent-Child Reminiscing About Past Experience Helps Early Childhood Emotional Development, But Maltreated Children Experience Less Of It

Reminiscing has been described as “emotional socialization”, nurturing a child’s emotional development. Parents sensitively reminiscing about earlier experiences with their children is part of...

Long Term Effects of Yelling at Children

Growing up in an environment filled with loud voices can cripple your mental health. Consider that "good" things are rarely shouted, while negative, soul-crushing...

‘I Didn’t Know My Son Had Children, Neither Can Our Brother Hurt A Fly’, Mother And Sisters To Major Mugure Says

Hannah Mugure, 75, mother to former KDF soldier Major Peter Mugure has revealed she did not know that her son had kids with the...

Raising Creative Kids: What Parents Need to Know

Childhood is the most crucial time when your kid begins to learn and explore their creative abilities. As a parent, you need to encourage them...


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