Thursday, January 21, 2021

Private car owners now to pay more for insurance

Motorists are likely to pay more for car insurance as underwriters feel the impact of higher costs and lower earnings from the high-risk private...

Mastermind in car importation cartel arrested as KRA nabs more vehicles

Police have arrested a suspect believed to be part of a cartel that evades paying taxes when importing high-end vehicles. Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) on...

What types of smoke from your exhaust mean

What does BLUE smoke from my exhaust mean? If your car is blowing blue smoke, it’s a clear sign that the engine is burning oil....

6 reasons your car stalls while you’re driving

Number 1 – Bad Battery A bad battery is one of the most common reasons that cars stall. Most people think that if a battery is...

Tips to keep your car insurance affordable

Kenya’s insurance landscape has immense potential that is yet to be fully realised. This is evident from the country’s economic growth against the insurance...

Engine battles: Honda’s VTEC vs Toyota’s VVTi

VTEC and VVT-i systems were developed by Honda and Toyota respectively in order to improve the efficiency of car engines. VTEC (Variable Valve Timing...

Dual vs single exhaust system in your car

All vehicles are equipped with an exhaust system, which is responsible for transporting burned engine exhaust gases from a vehicle’s engine exhaust port and...

Is it speeding or skidding that causes accidents?

Over the recent past, we have a seen a rise in accidents. Reasons for these accidents have ranged from a road too smooth to...

KRA impounds Uganda, Tanzania registered cars in tax evasion scheme

Kenya Revenue Authority officials have impounded over 30 vehicles with foreign registration numbers in Kisii. The officials impounded the Tanzania and Uganda-registered vehicles for not...

Which is the best buy: Impreza vs Legacy

Despite all of the wagon-shaped vehicles Subaru makes, it does manage to turn out sedans, as well. The Japanese company offers the Impreza and...

Lawyer Gicheru Faces Setback At ICC

Lawyer Paul Gicheru has suffered a setback after the ICC gave prosecutor Fatou Bensouda the green light to analyse possessions believed to have potentially incriminating...

Bread Prices Go Up

Joe Bidden Sworn In