Saturday, April 17, 2021

KRA nabs cars disguised as hospital donations

Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) has nabbed two Mercedes Benzes that were disguised in a container as hospital donations. The cars, which were in a 40-ft...

Is it speeding or skidding that causes accidents?

Over the recent past, we have a seen a rise in accidents. Reasons for these accidents have ranged from a road too smooth to...

Ford Mustang finally launched in Kenya

The Mustang is Ford’s most revered and recognisable nameplate, having become an automotive icon the moment it was launched in 1964, followed by more...

Why NTSA is looking for owners of these 13 vehicles

The National Transport and Safety Authority has put up an advert summoning 13 vehicle owners to appear before it.. The NTSA through he advert says...

Dual vs single exhaust system in your car

All vehicles are equipped with an exhaust system, which is responsible for transporting burned engine exhaust gases from a vehicle’s engine exhaust port and...

KRA nabs Range Rover, Toyota, Peugeot from new tax evasion cartel

The Kenya Revenue Authority yesterday seized two Range Rover cars at the Port of Mombasa valued at more than Sh24 million in the latest...
dashboard warning lights

Dashboard warning lights and what they mean (Updated Full List)

Dashboard warning lights: Here are the most important warning lights you should watch out for: Brake system / brake fluid warning light Your vehicle’s brakes are...

Photos of Chris Kirubi’s multi-million cars

Billionaire industrialist Chris Kirubi has a great love for flashy cars. He recently added a new super expensive toy to his collection of cars. This is the...

Engine battles: Honda’s VTEC vs Toyota’s VVTi

VTEC and VVT-i systems were developed by Honda and Toyota respectively in order to improve the efficiency of car engines. VTEC (Variable Valve Timing...

Judiciary cars on auction sold for as much as Sh. 2 million

Hundreds of Kenyans showed up at the Judiciary’s car park to get themselves ‘cheap cars’ whose prices had been indicated to be between Sh 25,000 to...

Former President Kibaki Rumoured to be in Hospital Three Weeks On

Ailing former President Mwai Kibaki is still at The Nairobi Hospital. Kibaki, 89, was admitted to the hospital on March 9. Initially, he was being treated...